Op. 1 : The Sound Of Vanishing

by La Chambre de Disparition

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this is a revamping of a record first released in 2007.
nothing else to do this past few months...


released December 25, 2014

all said and done by vincent demers except "ne jamais rien sentir" paroles de paul beaulne.

special thanks to heth

released 25 December 2014

Dissolve record 2
All right reserved - Dissolve record inc.

unauthorised reproduction & copying of this recording is prohibited by law...
...but seriously, who cares?



all rights reserved


La Chambre de Disparition Quebec, Québec

La Chambre de Disparition is (was) a musical project from the composer Vincent Demers.

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Track Name: 01_Another Part of Hell [Part 1 & 2]
Another Part Of Hell [Part 1 & 2]

Leave my eyes alone
My pain has reached another Hell

“They who appear” try to break into my brain

Since this fog has risen
It seems to brood underneath

I can hear them, something near is unleashed

Surrounded by the mist
I’m lost, my breath is out of reach

All my insights have left me

My heart is broken
Exploding pieces everywhere
The hole in my chest is pulsing
Absorbing all of this

My lungs out

“They who appear” break in my head
My brain is screaming
My pain has reached another Hell
That I can hear

I’m loosing ground
I will leave (this place)
(This place), all around
Is now my home

You can forget about me
I’m leaving you
Don’t fucking remember me
Know that I hate you

I hate you, I hate you, I hate…

You can do me a favour by
Don’t ever show your face in front of me
Or else
My body will melt in a sea of tears
Track Name: 02_the Awakening
the Awakening

I don’t even know when they find me
Or even if they truly wish me here
They only needed to believe in someone
It’s just fun to think that they trust me so easily

They think I create this
As if I am able to give rise to something
…if they just knew

Don’t even know when to think
Don’t even know how to bring things out
Don’t even know how to bleed
And leave the place to others

They are all just toys to me
But I’m no more than food for them
I’ll just have to infect their thoughts
And putrify their minds
And bring them down

I’m going to take their empty souls
By animating their corpses
And make them feel emptiness
By amplifying their needs to eat each other
They’ll serve me
By swallowing the blood of their kind
By consuming the limbs of their wives and children

I’m here now
Growing in humanity’s womb
Feeding my desire by the inside
I’ll be alive again soon

I’ll be alive again
Track Name: 03_Toward a Deceitful Peace [First Part]
Toward a Deceitful Peace [First Part]

I love you
And I’m with you now
No more chance
For you to leave me

Because I’m nailing you
I can’t hear you

Tell me a story where I meet another end
Please help me find a path
And be somebody else than myself

I know you
Well beyond your pain
Think of us now
Are we not happy

Shut up!

Tell me a story where I meet another end
Please help me find a path
And be somebody else than myself

What is left
Of you after this?
Maybe I
Should have been in your place
And remain silent
Track Name: 04_the PHD
the PHD

Who are you to beg me?
Don’t you think you owe me…

…your fucking life, your fucking wife?
Don’t you give me any of this

If you had a nice place
Somewhere you could embrace

The look of my insanity
Tainting your soul so easily

Don’t you stare at me now
Be the slave you should be
Lick my ass you know how
All depends on your duty

That’s it, good dog
You can have my bone
Slowly sucking
While we are alone

Don’t ever think that you could be somebody
I would put my trust in
The only thing I could put in you is…
…you already know what

Do you still want to be one of my pupils
In that case you know how to act
Pull down your pants and take a deep breath my friend
It won’t be long before you take this for a fact
Track Name: 05_Toward a Deceitful Peace [Second Part]
Toward a Deceitful Peace [Second Part]

Can you be here with me?
Be closer than before?
Will I ever be alone
With remains of your memory?

Here I can live forever
Here I can live forever
Here I can live forever
Here I can live forever

Deceived peace I deserve
Track Name: 06_Freed in my Grave
Freed in my Grave

When will you tell me that I’m of no use
I know now that all I could do and dream is gone
And nothing can change
For my wishes and life are already faded

You can lose me and throw me out of sight
I may now lay down
It is so clear
That they’ve agreed for me
To be the last
Knowing that I’m no more needed

I used to be less undead than that
I’m raising now more livid and without fear
I’m relieved
I don’t feel anymore
Because I’m freed, in my grave, from my desire

You can lose me and throw me out of sight
Now that I’m no more
No need to care
They’ve done to erase me
Now I know
I meant nothing since I’m in here
Track Name: 07_For All That Faded Away
For All That Faded Away

Louder in sea
The sound of her
Become other
Inside, in sea

Deeper the calm of memories
Eager to form another shell
And cast away Heaven and Hell
Become other
Inside, in sea

The decay of silence here
Could last eternally
As long as I remain
As long as I plea
To fill the holes in the sound tapestry
With thoughts of her, able to grow here
Inside, in sea

Metamorphosis has occurred in my heart and soul
Metastases have begun to form in my dreams
I didn’t even wish that my thoughts could infect
The last thing I love
The inside, here in sea

When I open the other hive
And see through this reality
I can feel my body tied to
Intravenous tubes
Lying in a bed which has carried other corpses
And embrace other clients in their cozy death

I want to play the last part unplugged
And I am ready to face it
To be forever on the other side
Inside, in sea

For all that fades away
And vanished elsewhere
Out of my reach
I’m lost
Inside, in sea
Track Name: 08_the Sound of Vanishing
the Sound of Vanishing

Now that I am alone
Now that I’m no more in here
All of my senses are atrophied

And if I could just look at you
See how you’ve grown and how you’ve been
I am so weak now that I’m gone
Could you conceive your father’s sin

I dread your innocence
I fear you please don’t come near
In the distant feint of my burial ground

And if I could just look at you
See how you’ve grown and how you’ve been
I am so weak now that I’m gone
Could you believe your father’s sin

Thinking of you sometimes
Thinking of my asphodel
All of my limbs feel your purity

And if I could just look at you
See how you’ve grown and how you’ve been
I am so weak now that I’m gone
Could you accept your father’s sin

Growing by the dead chimes
You are lying over my cell
My remains seems to feed you so strong

And if I could just look at you
See how you’ve grown and how you’ve been
I am so weak now that I’m gone
Could you receive your father’s sin

My resting place is desecrated by your purity

I will eventually vanish
Track Name: 10_Ne Jamais Rien Sentir
Ne Jamais Rien Sentir

J’ai même pas commencé
Que c’est déjà fini
La question c’est que j’ai
Même pas de route à suivre
Tu sais pour moi Bigras
J’ai même pas de souvenir
Que je pourrais frotter
J’ai même pas d’avenir
À regarder briller
Pis j’ai pas même quelqu’un
Qui pourrait me tuer

Je sais déjà comment
Un jour je vais mourir
Alors dis-moi pourquoi
Faudrait que j’attende encore
Longtemps la fin du show
Quand face au désespoir
Je ne sais plus du tout
De quel côté du mur
Je vais tomber

Alors la vraie question
C’est qu’est-ce que je fous ici
À voir des vrais débiles
Qui passent dans la vie
Comme y passent dans la rue
Sans jamais rien sentir
Que leurs petits ulcers
Que leurs petites déprimes
Track Name: 11_In my Arms
In my Arms

In this place I’m in peace
The darkness takes care of all my needs
I can see through her dreams
She now feeds me with necrosed beliefs

My own will is decaying
It doesn’t serve me anymore
And the atonement for my sins
Leaves more room in my head
For new anger

I can feel that my mind
Has reached the darkest place
I will soon be complete
In the Heaven of my rotten dreams

My hatred is listening
To my silent illness
She’ll bring me more room for anger
To haunt my ghost
Roaming in this eternal night
Of bliss

My restless dreams retain me
Nothing in there will grow strong
Other than my hatred
Other than my anger

I can rest in this place
Deadly silence wraps me in its arms
Lying down with despair
All my dreaded thoughts are fading away

That moment of relief opens my eyes
And I bring you here
In this warm place
It is my path to show you

All of this world will end soon
My consciousness is fading
I want you in my arms
And bring your ghost with me

On the far side of existence
Beyond hope
Beyond pain